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Useful information on your stay

Below you find useful details about your stay at Auberge La Douce Montagne.

Time of arrival / depart

Your room will be ready for you from 3pm onwards. If you arrive before 3pm you can leave your luggage in the hotel and make use of our shower facilities to change or refresh yourself (if you would like to go out into the mountains right after your arrival).

Dinner is served at 7.30pm. If you expect to arrive after this time, please inform us about this by e-mail or telephone. We appreciate to know (via telephone or email) if you’re expecting to arrive after 11pm.

Check-out time is 10am. Meaning you can enjoy your breakfast before departure and prepare for your journey after. If you plan to do some activities in the Alps on your departure day, you are more than welcome to leave your luggage at the hotel and change or refresh yourself at the end of the day in our shower facilities.