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Souvenir / Merchandise

Would you like to take a nice souvenir home?
Maybe a gift for friends and family at home?
Or just a nice token for yourself?

Auberge La Douce Montagne has the following items for sale:


Water bottle 750 ml 

€ 3.50


Itinerary for road cycling

€ 3.00


Bottle of wine "Auberge La Douce Montagne" (red/white/rosé) 

€ 15.00


Nalini cycle shirt orange/blue/red 
Nalini cycle shirt brown/aqua (with long zip)
Nalini cycle shorts brown/aqua

€ 35.00
€ 45.00
€ 50.00


Cycle clothing set (shirt+shorts brown/aqua) 

€ 90.00